Audience Comments

These sample comments were returned in unsigned evaluations at the end of the theatrical shows:

Great show! Beautifully done! Stunning!

Enjoyed the basic history - especially the opportunity to see so many pieces of Miller's art. The "living" portraits were effective. Thank you for reminding us of our history so many of us take it for granted. Thank you. Being a former elementary teacher and knowing Wyoming 4th graders study Wyoming history, I'd love to see this program presented in schools...

Oh my gosh, this was so amazing. I'm very familiar with Miller but I had no idea there were so many images and the presentation was moving, well thought out and executed. Very informative...

The differences of the Indians and trappers coming to life and the history involved was fascinating. This was an outstanding and interesting production...

Just learning about some of our history in this manner is engaging, entertaining, intriguing and leaves me hungry for more. Great idea. I hope the program can go to Scotland - what a great way to connect people and cultures...

Thank goodness for the patronage of William Drummond Stewart. While the trappers/mountain men/traders explored the "west" the largesse of Mr. Stewart allowed the "images" to be captured.

The European influence and of course the various artistic media incorporated into the performance were remarkable. The idea that this project could make its way to Europe is very exciting.

I liked combining the artist's works with the live re-enactment. I have never seen anything like this!

This was an excellent program in all aspects. It should be on PBS!

I found the idea of how much the Native Americans helped the trappers very interesting and something most people have never considered. Programs like this are very beneficial to this understanding...

Participant Comments

These sample evaluative comments were offered by various project participants:

Participants in the program were greatly influenced by the dialogue created between the fur trapper re-enactors and the American Indian actors. They mentioned spontaneously that they learned a great deal from each other. Dodie Montgomery, the director, was very important in facilitating this dimension of cultural dialog and understanding as she worked with them during rehearsals. She gave everyone opportunities to share their perspectives and develop greater understanding of the historical period.

At the program itself, the audience reactions were very strong in terms of what they felt they learned about this time period of important cultural contact. That was very exciting. I think the perspective of American Indian cultures could be enhanced and strengthened and it would improve the presentation. Many people expressed the view that they had not thought about the fur trade in terms of the culture contact and dependence of the fur trappers, especially, on American Indians for their very survival.

There was quite a bit of positive comment, too, on the mode of presentation as a vivid way to depict this historical period and to enhance appreciation for the role of art in history.

The whole experience was one I won't soon forget. Everyone in the program was very open and the interactions I had with the administration was fantastic. As a member, I felt very well informed about what the program was about and what my purpose was. Everything was organized very nicely. All the rehearsals and events were scheduled and dates and times were sent out so I knew where I needed to be and when I needed to be there.

The activity definitely "expanded" my interest in many new areas. It gave me a look into a different culture from a different time, and I definitely appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the Native American culture. I can't really think of any weaknesses in the program. It was very well advertised, had a great turn-out, was organized nicely, and was just a great experience in general. The one strength that stands out is the incredible team we had working on it. It felt like everyone was excited to be involved and really wanted to be there. That's what really drove the program.